The Mobility Intelligence

We Solve Edge-Cases

Traffic is complex, even for humans. Self-driving cars need help handling the complexity. Motor Ai's AI system provides solutions to edge cases.

An AI system that solves

autonomous driving edge cases

MOTOR AI Mobility Intelligence 

How it works

MOTOR AI's own hardware KNOX, provides rich numeric and visual data

Data is uploaded in real-time

Data is from complex, urban environments

Videos are analyzed by the Intelligence using its database of known objects

Videos are analyzed by the Intelligence to learn new objects

Sensor fusion is performed

All data in the system (objects, sensor fusion) are associated with each other to create logical rules

Logical rules grow stronger or weaker depending on new data

The Intelligence creates complex logical associations that accurately map real world driving situations that require human intelligence to solve

The Intelligence's logics let MOTOR AI solve autonomous driving edge cases

These edge cases arise when there are no clearly marked traffic signs or lights to govern behavior, instead, drivers have to rely on local traffic customs

By knowing how objects (people, cars) influence driving, MOTOR AI can solve these edge cases

About us


CTO & Co-Founder MOTOR AI

Adam Bahlke

CEO & Co-Founder MOTOR AI

Roy Uhlmann

Adam Bahlke is the CTO and co-founder of Motor Ai which was founded 2017.

Adam came to artificial intelligence not from  the usual mathematical route, but through his interests in history and constructed languages. History taught synthetic thinking, while constructed languages are a playground for thinking about how meaning is produced and communicated.

An increasing passion for stock markets led to a move to Berlin to join the financial technology company builder, HitFox. Here he helped streamline and accelerate the development process. While still at HitFox, he became the third engineer to work on building Germany's first truly digital bank, solarisBank, which recently raised €70 million.

As founder of MOTOR AI, Roy Uhlmann has taken his expertise in neural networks and artificial intelligence, which he gained in more than a decade by building various AI-based applications.

Roy Uhlmann founded his first artificial intelligence company in 2007. As a successful serial entrepreneur, he has dedicated himself to building companies with data-driven business models in the semantic search, business intelligence, and programmatic advertising sectors.

Additionally, he is a member of the board for the Bundesverband Deutsche Startups, the national German startup association. He also serves as the Association's coordinator for German Artificial Intelligence Startups. He has coauthored several books among others, "Webolution (Über-) Leben in der digitalen Welt", with Clay Shirkey and Ray Kurzweil.

Expert “Algorithms”

Prof. J.-C. Freytag, Ph.D. (Harvard)

Prof. Johann-Christoph Freytag is our expert for “Algorithms” at Motor AI and holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics/Computer Science from Harvard University, MA. He is currently Professor at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Freytag is a driving member of the newly founded Einstein Center Digital Future and Speaker for  Digital Infrastructure, Methods and Algorithms. (ECDF,

He is one of the founders and principle investigators of the Humboldt-Elsevier Advanced Data and Text (HEADT) Center ( and he also heads the Helmholtz Einstein International Research School on Data Science (HEIBRiDS), a graduate school funded by the Helmholtz Gemeinschaft, Germany.

In the past Freytag received the IBM Faculty Award four times for collaborative work in the areas of databases, middleware, and bioinformatics/life science, as well as the HP Innovation Award of excellent cooperation in the area of databases and workflow systems twice.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No731343.

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